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Baby Jams offers a range of innovative, functional and cleverly designed products that make everyday life more enjoyable and easier for both children and their parents.

Our products ensure that the whole family can save time and reduce stress while at home, traveling, in the car, walking or even changing diapers!

We are constantly searching for new partners worldwide in order for us to broaden our collection of products here in Scandinavia. Preference is given to brands that are well known and have a good reputation on their home markets, but that are not established on the Scandinavian market. That way Baby Jams can offer the latest and most exciting products that are not yet available here or that are simply a better version of products that already exist.

Close cooperation with our suppliers is a must, and we strive to achieve long-term relationships with both our clients as well as our partners.

Our assortment of products will be available from retailers, so if you are interested in any products please contact your closest retailer.

Baby Jams is a division of Donnybrook AB, Sweden, and was established in 2004.